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just as a note, you can use your old thread to continue a discussion of the same topic.

Now, what brand battery do you have? 1.6A is okay but you are ramming the battery with 1C of power and if it is of inferior quality, it will do as you noted and heat up. Excessive heat will slowly kill your battery if it is repeated regularly.

dial back your charging specs to max 1.0A, less if you have time to let it charge slower. The higher your charging amps, the faster the battery will charge but the trade off is heat.

what you are seeing with an over voltage is fine and common after a charging session. what you should focus on is the number of mAh the battery took. if the battery was dead or near dead, it should have an mAh similar to the mAh rating of the battery. if the battery had a charge and you were just topping it up, it will obviously result in a lower value.

1600mah battery that you used a little to plink but have a game tomorrow, only charged to 800mah is fine.
1600mAh battery that was completely dead, charged to 1500mah.
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