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Originally Posted by Kozzie View Post
Actually he never solicited any advice from anyone about anything other than where to get the pistol he wanted but couldn't find.

Is he guilty of wanting to buy a crappy pistol? Absolutely, but he didn't "waste anyone's time". As was stated in the very first post he had made up his mind and just wanted to know where to get it. After that everyone just threw in their $0.02 assuming he wanted it.

He also stopped posting on the second page so I doubt any "fits" will be thrown.
Originally Posted by eKirts View Post
I'm with Kozzie on this one.
All the guy was asking was where to find a pistol... Not a life lesson.... let him figure out the rest and answer the OP unless the person asks differently.

The 2 cent spam was ridiculous...

Hopefully this doesn't start a flame fest against me :P
just my 2... lol
thank you for understanding my topic at least to what i asking, as for not posting yes but have been reading the posts from my email didnt want to bother replying that might start flame war or insults
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