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over charging with smart charger.

It's happy kal once again with another battery/charger related question. I've tried to find my answers online, but no joy. So I bought a intelligent charger/discharger. I've read the manual (which left many questions un answered) and figured out how to set up and charge my nimh batteries. But When I tried to charge it for an hr i found it got hot and said the voltage of the battery was 11.25V. I thought this charger was supposed to stop at full charge and then beep like an oven timer. No?

I went to "save data" put in the info of the battery. "NIMH 1600 mah, 9.6 V. and saved it.

I go to program select "NIMH BATT"

next select cur. limit. i used 1.6 A hold the button 2 sec. and it picks up the battery info and starts charging.

Awesome, easier then I thought'd be. But i check on it in an hour and the Voltage read 11.25V and the battery was hot.

EX: NIMH 1.6 A 11.25V I can't remember what the capacity of charge said.
CHG 065:45 00000

I tried it with my other NIMH battery, loaded the data for a 8.4/ 1200Mah and it read battery voltage was 9.4V and kept charging.

I know there's got to be something I've over looked or misunderstood. if you could help me with my dilemma or point me to a tutorial. Because I couldn't find it on youtube and the forum. Thanks.

On a happier note I've changed all my connectors to deans. They are alot nicer and don't come apart in my handguard.
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