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He made his bed when he dug in his heels about getting age verified. Burnaby is served by many buses, a skytrain line that gets you down town or out West to Surrey and connects too two other train lines that will get you to Richmond or PoCo.

I won't say playing airsoft in Canada is easy compared to most other countries. It does take some travel, and legwork to make the connections and extra cash for the guns that without them you won't be playing.

The catch is all the players in the know; the "elitist pricks" have already made that trip. They drove or hitched to meet an age verifier. They saved up for the gear while scraping by. They've continued to find time to get to games. No one had it easy, and by continuing to play you still have to make that effort.

When the new guys come in and they have done none of that and then the complaining starts that it's too hard for them after they haven't taken the first steps they display an unacceptable character flaw. Now that may be just part of the online presence but since they wont' budge to get to a game or other venue its all there is to judge them by. I wouldn't show up at a baseball game and demand to be walked because I was new and all the other players knew how to swing a bat better than I did. If I wanted to play I'd have to grind it out.

I've seen enough new players who come up to a few games and then when their junk AEG packs it in they're never seen again. The folks here who've been around the block and are offering real advice to help new players have a very valid basis for the way they word the advice given. Giving a new player the instant gratification of what they think they want won't help people join up when this supposed super gun won't run for a full season.
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