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It's not so much natural disasters or greedy hands I'm worried about... it's the constant (I would guess) finger-fondling of big-ticket or novelty items. This concerns mostly high-end rigs and the like (if we're talking straight gear) and finicky and fragile GBBs (if we're going the whole shebang).

This would certainly be an interesting place to go, say, on a free evening or something just to browse... but would it be member-restricted so as to prevent walk-ins and other curious folk who wander in from an ASC redirect? That having been said, what constitutes membership? Costs? Commitments?

The TTAC3 concept also sounds novel. Some more fleshing out and my interest would definitely increase.

I am but a man of moderate strength and brief lapses of imagination. Perhaps I can be of some assistance in the manual labour of this project? Shoot me a PM if my sweat is needed.
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