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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Another case of "asks for advice, ignores it and buys what they were going to buy anyway"

I think we're done here.
Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
Typical young airsofter.

1: Makes up his mind on something

2: Wastes peoples time by asking the question anyway (Even though his mind is already made)

3: Ignores all answers that are contrary to his choice. (The most typical reaction from kids)

4: Does whatever he wants because his mind is made anyway.

5: Will throw a fit because I posted this saying he's mature and/or will not buy it until he's 18 and will go on a flaming spree and then get banned and go cry in a corner

Actually he never solicited any advice from anyone about anything other than where to get the pistol he wanted but couldn't find.

Is he guilty of wanting to buy a crappy pistol? Absolutely, but he didn't "waste anyone's time". As was stated in the very first post he had made up his mind and just wanted to know where to get it. After that everyone just threw in their $0.02 assuming he wanted it.

He also stopped posting on the second page so I doubt any "fits" will be thrown.
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