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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
Hey, everything is good for something. Even crap. Because crap can be used as a biofuel or for monkeys to throw at people.

WE is good as a starter pistol.
TM is good as an anything pistol.
By that logic a straw and some BBs are a good way to start out. Quality is both relative and absolute, in the sense that some brand are are relatively better than some, and some are absolutely bad period.

WE pistols are absolutely horrible. The lemon rate is through the roof, replacement parts are hard to source and cost prohibitive, design is proprietary, durability is nil, accuracy is terrible and overall value is low, especially with Canadian pricing.

In the States they are priced at a level that makes sense, not here.

The cansoft subframe only adds another failure point to a proven bad design.

If you think they are good, it only means you haven't had the opportunity to handle something that is considered by most acceptable.
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