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I dunno why people dislike WE so much, I think they're good as a budget pistol. Mine hasn't had any problems apart from the cansoft frame issue. Judging from what I've read, they seems to have low quality control and lots of lemons.

But for a little more than what you have in mind for the Dragon 7 inch, you could get a quality pistol. In general, pistols are meant to be concealable and not 7 inches IMO.

The guns that phlouder mentioned are good choices because they are known to be reliable or semi reliable and not bulky. On the other hand, WEs are known to frequently break down and your choice looks like a messed up 5.1 with an integrated compensator IMO.
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"Don't get mad. Get even."

"Airsoft silencers don't do anything...."
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The Marui NBB Mk23 would like to have a quiet, quiet word with you.

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