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Kalnaren; I'm sorry that you've had such a bad experience with Hero's! I have only been going there for about a year myself, but I don't deal with the owner. As a "retiring" paintballer, I deal with only those folks I know. Bad Reverend in Hero's has never led me astray. I did a search on here to find some proof of what you were talking about and did find a post from 2006 about a sour gun trade. An unfortunate piece of business for sure.

What I do find disturbing is the following; this is my second post here and I must admit that the entire reason I am here is because I wish to leave paintball, due to lack of proper tactical play, lack of realism in weaponry and gear, and the simple fact that there are now too many paintballers who throw around similar terms you used while at the same time not providing proof to back up their usage, when applied to retailers, gear and even other players.

At this point I am hoping the money I have already spent on setting up to try airsoft this spring was not a wasted venture.

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