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(English/anglais) Translation of the essay

This is a very poorly translated (Google translate, here's the original one essay I wrote on Airsoft, where I am debating the current laws present here in Canada, our restrictions, and many other facts in order to determine if our laws are strict enough. Please, forgive the poor grammar and syntax of this text, I translated from the original french version on Google, for those interested. Any comments (or better translation, the original version is available in the General Thread if you want) are welcome!

Historically, we humans, have felt some need to be entertained in one way or another, to pass the time, to get closer with others, to have fun, period. Recreation, there are tons, and well enough to attract the attention of any soul on this Earth. After all, it often ends up finding more friends to spend a few hours jovial, and memories that will remain in short, fun is a necessity for man. It goes without saying that all the pastimes that we could imagine over the years remained mostly engraved in our culture, our traditions, in different forms. However, not everyone can be pleased in all lower existing leisure. Some prefer those who use teamwork and physical test, surely others would prefer a hobby that combines strategy and mental strength.

There is, for some years, a sport that has emerged from people passionate about everything that includes wars, battles, military strategies, combat, known as Airsoft. It balances the concepts of team play as well as those of thought, strategy, and it consists mainly of a simulation of military operations, without the danger of such situations may include course. The real weapons are replaced with false, which can still shoot plastic projectiles at a power much lower than their counterpart, and the games run all scenarios, or party, the clash between two teams where the it is eliminated as soon as is achieved by a projectile from the opposing team. From there, several game modes can be created simply by eliminating the opposing team entirely on our own before or up to the most complicated types of games where you must capture the enemy flag and bring it back our starting point a few times before winning. This game has been able to attract more fans interested and we would have thought, and now maintains a real international economy with several companies that manufacture these fake weapons, which provide the land, and much more.

Therefore, a question now for some parents too fearful, and uninformed government members, which is as follows: is it that we should implement more stringent regulations in Canada to the sport not controlled? For my part, I believe that the present laws of Canada that affect the subject are already quite severe, and in addition to depriving the majority of practitioners of the sport here have freedoms that others around the world, but to protect us from most of the potential dangers that may result from the sport.

In this essay, I will show first in the legislative aspect several developments affecting our country and others who support me in my point of view. Then, I will engage with the aspect that affects the safety and health, to establish other facts defending my opinion, and I will end with the appearance of the popularity of this sport, and its impact on the economy, to show a side of the main subject which is different from others, but that helps me prove my thinking on the field.

First, let me start by explaining how the legislative aspect of the subject can have an impact on the view that people can be about the sport, or rather the false weapons used in it. I will start for the laws that are already here in Canada. Then, I will engage with various police interventions that have been reported in connection with the Airsoft, including the United States, as well as the present laws there. Finally, I will finish this in relation to various crimes that have been in the past where we notice the presence of Airsoft guns and the ease that they bring to bad people

In Canada, in fact, own a gun Airsoft is legal. These restrictions include the speed of the projectile must not exceed 152.4 meters per second and the énegie transmitted by the projectile, which must not exceed 5.7 joules (because when these two so-called standards, the weapon automatically ranked in the category firearms controlled, and would require a permit to possess possession of firearms, and we also exposes the many regulations established for firearms, such as criminal may apply if you are in possession of controlled a firearm without a license.), while being powerful enough to cause minor damage (break in the skin, eyes). An air gun can not cause any damages whatsoever, but still resembling a real firearm is considered replica firearms, and is therefore prohibited any possession (unless s 'acting in a replica antique firearm). "Specifically, some air guns, which are commonly called" air soft "can be part of this category. These devices have a muzzle velocity and muzzle energy not very powerful and that usually discharge projectiles with plastic or wax rather than metal or lead. "1 In short, Canadian laws are forcing fans of the sport to acquire weapons of local shops, which are in possession of an import permit, and these weapons must be powerful enough to cause injury, without exceeding the limit of 152.4 m / s and a maximum power of 5.7 joules. The power required to cause a break in the skin is quite high (turning around 116 m / s) 2, while most Airsoft guns outside of Canada are about 60 to 155 m / s, and obtain a powerful weapon typically, in addition to imports, is quite expensive, it greatly limits the players across Canada, forcing them to pay a high price for those passionate enough, or otherwise discourage many others to engage .

To summarize the present laws in the United States, Airsoft guns are all, without exception, have the muzzle orange-red, and it is illegal to dispose or to paint this part, these regulations often vary from State by State. These rifles can not have names or trademarks of real firearms, to protect the trademarks of real firearms producers. It is also illegal to possess this type of guns (and gun at all) in certain public places and states, such as the metro New York, Washington DC, Michigan, etc.. Finally, there is no real limit established fixed velocity, and this often varies between 300 and 500 feet seconde.3 The lack of import laws and replica firearms is not hard to notice because obtaining guns Airsoft becomes more easy and inexpensive, literally increasing their presence in the general population, often in the hands of young children, and this is probably due to it follows that in many cases of police intervention. Often, police officers saw a gun Airsoft in the hands of someone taking it for a real gun, forcing them to intervene, and in some cases even open fire on the person. To this end, the police repeatedly that warnings alerting people to pay attention when they are in possession of such weapons, and avoid public places so as not to be confused person. More than once people have tried to remove the muzzle of their guns orange to have a more realistic Airsoft gun, but without striking distinction, it is almost impossible to distinguish the true from the false version, as mention a policier.4 So we see here that the laws we have here on replicas of firearms, making the purchase of Airsoft guns more expensive legal help in some way to reduce the number of guns present in the general population, and therefore reducing the risk that people are taken for criminals with a gun in hand.

If there have often been cases where people used voluntarily Airsoft guns (including the U.S., given the ease in obtaining them at low cost) to commit all sorts of crimes. This practice is not very common, due to the risk that we learn that this is a fake gun, but that did not stop many criminals to try anyway, and succeed. As an example, there is one case that took place in the State of New York in January 2008 when a young 13 year old boy entered a Chinese restaurant in order to commit theft and was weapon that resembled a .38 caliber revolver. The boy was still controlled by the workers of the restaurant shortly after it was discovered that the weapon was actually a replica Airsoft. The police commissioner of the city has even mentioned that until one of his officers did pick up the gun, nobody would have thought it was a imitation5. There are even cases where people paint the tip of their gun real orange to assume that it is a fake. Several states have adopted stricter regulations to the Airsoft or even a complete ban to avoid similar situations. When used in a crime, the consequences are the same as if a real firearm had been used. Here in Canada, simply go out with Airsoft gun in public is illegal because as there are no regulations on having the muzzle orange, all guns, cannon orange or not, will be considered as true, and so we risk serious consequences for such irresponsibility. This is why so often the Airsoft games are due to be held on private land, far from cities and public places, forcing players to have to go far enough in nature.

So, the facts stated earlier why here in Canada we have fairly strict rules on the subject, but this greatly limits the players in how they purchase their equipment and on-site practice of this game, clearly increasing spending to put a little fun. Most of these regulations are there to prevent ill-intentioned people can easily obtain a gun (though false) for their crime, yet we do not impose anything on other potentially dangerous objects and easy finding that could also be used to commit a crime. In short, simple cooking utensils may be more effective Airsoft guns.

Second, I will turn now to the side rather than "health" of the subject to see if the sport itself is dangerous or not. First I will start the necessary protective equipment and players (and those around as needed) to enjoy a safe gaming experience, which is mandatory in almost all regulated parties. Then I will express the general regulations to be applied almost everywhere when handling an Airsoft gun, whether at a party, or simply at home. To conclude this, I'll end up with accident statistics, and facts about the real dangers that brings Airsoft gun.

There is one thing to protect first of all when handling an Airsoft gun, and this during a game or just having fun when alone; eyes. One eye is a part of our body extremely vulnerable, and the shock of a projectile plastic Airsoft gun on one eye could easily lead to punctures, and blindness. The majority of injuries are due to Airsoft caused mostly by a shot received in one eye. During a game of play, all players must wear eye protection in order to participate. These may be simple glasses specially designed for sport, to a mask that protects the entire face and sensitive parts, similar to those that can see players Paintball. This is sufficient to protect this sensitive part of the body, and avoid one of the biggest risks when handling these types of guns. Otherwise, there are also several types of equipment for the rest of the body that can be bought for modest sums of money to avoid minor injuries of any kind, or simply to avoid the pain of receiving a shot on the body . It can range from military jackets with several useful features such as pockets and others, in addition to keeping the chest full of feeling the pinch felt uncomfortable when we are hit by a bullet, to simple knee pads, clothes fairly thick covering legs and arms and outdoor boots. These devices are not mandatory, but are often recommended for a better gaming experience and comfort. Protecting themselves effectively, we avoid all accidents that may result from the sport, leaving us to enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience, and showing us that sport is not dangerous as such when it is responsible.

In addition to protection, you need to know to keep in mind simple rules in order not to hurt anyone else or damage anything, and even avoid trouble with the police. As an example, during a part of the game, players (and referees) have no right to remove the protection of the eyes. Simply remove the protection for a few seconds to wipe the sweat, or just scratching may result in permanent expulsion from the field to lack of accountability. This is mentioned in the regulations of each party, and they are taken very seriously. Most other rules are there in part, for example, limit the power of guns to prevent the risk of skin wounds or otherwise, or otherwise to prevent cheating (not to scream when touched, or tell our teammates where the enemies) and add realism to the game (if someone touches us with a knife, keep silence (fake wooden knives are allowed in order to eliminate someone without using his weapon )). There is also strictly forbidden to shoot before the start of the game, when everyone comes together, and the culprits will be expelled for the party, and even future ones. There are also basic rules to follow when we are not in a game, but outside or at home. These are not necessarily rules, but rather to take precautions to avoid problems. It is often advised to take care of his rifle Airsoft as if it were a real firearm, and handle similarly, that is to say, always keep it in an enclosed and not easily accessible. Also often mentioned in any shoot someone who is not adequately protect someone who did not expect it, or on animals. Finally, it is strongly suggested not to carry around a gun Airsoft out in public, for since this gun has the look of a real, people could call the police, and it could open fire if refuses to drop the gun down. There have been cases in the United States where, despite the fact that Airsoft guns had the orange end of the barrel, the police simply did not notice, and death followed by lack of coopération.6 So when we presence of such guns must simply learn to be responsible and mature enough to avoid any trouble.

Being hit by a bullet of this type of gun is simply, in most cases, and if other than the face or eyes, painful but not dangerous. There are indeed Airsoft weapons powerful enough to cause a break in the skin, or else a simple blue, but nothing more serious, and these guns are rare and expensive. Almost all injuries related to the Airsoft given in hospitals is related to the eyes, and often in children who were playing without protection and without supervision. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control in 2005, nearly 19,675 injuries related to air guns were treated in emergency rooms, the United States. Approximately 71% of these injuries were on the elderly below 20 years.7 In addition, one sees an increase in injuries related to the Airsoft recent years as the popularity of this sport is increasing more and more.

So to conclude this, we can clearly see that with a minimum of responsibility, protection, and monitoring, we could easily avoid almost all injuries related to these guns and the sport. Makers take part in sport regulations very seriously, and so it makes sense to note that there are very few cases of injuries due to these types of guns in. If we avoid these lend guns to children, let's think a bit before committing a mistake, and being responsible, the sport is as harmless as baseball or hockey, or even less dangerous than the latter, and much more interesting and exciting for some.

Third and finally, I will now approach the subject from an aspect that deals with the popularity of this sport. To begin, I will explain what attracts people to the sport in general, and then, I will amplify why the sport is a much better alternative to video games, paintball, and even other sports. I shall end by commenting on the various companies that are connected to the sport, and that they support.

The thing that probably attracts so many people to the sport, and that is growing every day community of fans of the latter around the world is undoubtedly the striking resemblance that exists between the guns used in this game, and the real gun there today. In the U.S., we even asked an expert in firearms identification Airsoft rifle from five other real firearms, and he has not even been capable.8 Another thing that pleases several amateurs is the ease of handling and use these weapons, and then there are different types of Airsoft guns to please everyone. The simplest are those spring. Their price is very affordable and their power is less, which is perfect for beginners. By cons, most spring guns are prohibited in Canada since their power is often too low, and therefore, they fall into the category of replica firearms. Otherwise, there are those electric, better, with prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 400-500, and finally those with gas, very expensive and often very powerful, but unfortunately banned in most parts of the game This game is popular because it encourages teamwork, and basic equipment is quite affordable. Often, people are attracted by the realism that gives this game lot of former military to train its practitioners, and enthusiasts often like to live the experience of the military by excluding the harsh consequences (risk dying among others). Sometimes, some players like to play simply because they like to dress in military style.

Another reason to consider this sport is for how to play. In comparison with Paintball, Airsoft at you can not get more shots per second, and since the weapons are often much more accurate and longer range, we must opt ​​for a strategy game rather furtive. Left behind, moving quietly and wait for a good opportunity to shoot. Also, there is less risk of injury waiting patiently in power everywhere. If not, simply by choosing the Airsoft Paintball rather than it saves a lot of money. Airsoft ammunition is much less expensive, and Paintball we often use a tank of carbon dioxide in order to handle the weapon, and it often takes to recharge, while in Airsoft was to simply reload the battery at home. We can also compare the various Airsoft modern video games that attract so many people, and which consist in relation to the same thing: war scenarios. What is this sport is just take this concept and make it real. It's like a video game, but where the player is us. It tests our ability to survive, our physical, our mental and our way of thinking strategically.

There are many businesses and communities dependent on the sport. Its popularity increased visibly, it must meet the demand in any way. In just three years, the community of people practicing the sport increased by 60-70% in Canada, exceeding by at least four times that of Paintball. In Calgary, for example, communities of fans of the game had a total of about 200 people, and they moved in three years to 400 persons.9 population of enthusiasts is growing more and more stores open in the area to meet people. Even new land devoted exclusively to the Airsoft are being shown. In 2009, right during the economic crisis in the United States, where many new companies were collapsing around, Idaho, a young company called Red Robin prospered with the incessant demand for Airsoft guns. It was still new in 2009 and there was never really in the area, so people were attracted by the new concept of the sport. This sport attracted earlier people aged between 25 and 30. Today, we see young people take an interest from 12 years and experienced players in their forties are still playing. This only show us that sport is growing and will continue to grow in the coming years.

So to conclude this aspect, there is more than something that could push people to engage in the Airsoft over other recreational activities. Whether it is realistic aspects of the military to the physical training he has, there is everything to please almost anyone. Its growth in popularity is undeniable, there is indeed an increase of amateurs as well as specialty stores in the area around us and throughout the world. If we do not consider that sport as such, is a hobby like any other, which has no real danger if we protect as it should.

In conclusion, we can realize that these laws here in Canada, are already tough enough in dealing with the subject, rather than those of neighboring countries for example, and we do not really criminal cases related with the guns used in the sport. As for the sport itself, the regulations and the necessary protection are still present and taken seriously, so accidents are few. Tered the only cases often take place outside the parties, at home or abroad, and are often caused by simple lack of responsibility of the owner of the weapon. And finally, the sport is in its infancy and is growing. It has several interesting and new aspects that have piqued the curiosity of many, and many more to come. In addition, many companies depend on it, and if it happened that more stringent regulations are located here in Canada, there would be consequences for these young companies. I stand by my opinion on the subject. Although he may be risks if we do not handle these guns with great responsibility, or if they find themselves in the hands of malicious people, I still believe that tougher laws on the subject should be established. It would be like introducing tougher laws for the Baseball for the simple reason that people could use the stick for criminal purposes. For cons, I think we should consider the implementation of stricter regulations on real dangerous sports, which have a devastating impact on the participants, such as the fight, or other similar sports to please the crowd by putting on stage a fight nonprofit literally destroying its participants, and highlights the violence in implanting in the minds of spectators.

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