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Originally Posted by Sacre View Post
So I understand so far that when you go full auto with a GBBR, it seems to slow down drastically by the time the mag is empty. So basically 13-15RPS, to 5rps,

Is this worse in some guns than others? or pretty much the same for all?

Does this happen on the first fill of a magazine, first time firing? or does it take a few mags before this starts to happen?

I've noticed on a lot of youtube videos their GBBR's slow down pretty quickly by the time the mags empty. Whereas you get the rare one where the gun can fire all 30 rounds without slowing down

Confusing a bit, would an experienced GBBR user please fill me in?

I have here a KWA LM4 Magpul Edition GBBR

Endothermic effect
Typically due to overfilling result in liquid spewing out.
Mag dump for gbbr are typically bad.

You can reduce it via avoid dumping mag, use lighter boltcarrier, and avoid overfilling

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