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AEG too heavy/clunky? - i missed that. Sorry, but Wow, just.. wow.

How old are you.. and why are you so far out of shape at such a young age?

I'm 44 and 150 lbs soaking wet.. and a relative noob at all this myself. I was in pretty darn good shape (considering, for a smoker) prior to my present medical disaster with both of my hips needing replacement.

I got into airsoft as a form of physio-therapy to get back what i had lost (which was a LOT) post-surgery on the first hip. Heavy AEG's? Ok. My M4 (with 'sniper scope') can be a bit of a bear after 4 or 5 hours of dragging my wounded carcass around a field along with the rifle, but it's all part of the exercise, literally and figuratively, y'know? If i'm really hurting, then i switch to my lighter AEG, an MP5.

Yes, I think you really need to question why you are getting into Airsoft, to begin with. If getting some exercise isn't part of that equation, as others have indicated, this isn't for you.

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