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Originally Posted by Razial View Post
well to make simple ive held some aegs and dont like the feel of them, i find they just to heavy and clunky for me,
Originally Posted by Razial View Post
well again all your posts are duely noted however i stated in a previous post ive held different aegs and found they just to clunky and heavy for me to snipe with
guys saying "aeg is better in long run" but from the feel of ones ive held they just to heavy for my tast

Seriously, don't take this the wrong way but what you really need isn't a pistol, it's a set of weights. Then use them and re-evaluate your options in 18 months.

If you think an AEG is heavy, a lighter gun/sniper rifle isn't going to help you. Once you have a scope on it'll weigh as much as an AEG and it's a lot more cumbersome. Even if it is slightly lighter, after several hours lugging it around in rough terrain you'll be feeling every ounce of it and you're going to find yourself having a bad day in a big hurry. We've seen it before, people ditching and going home mid-game because their gun/gear is too heavy.

Airsoft is a sport and as with any other sport you need to get into at least a minimum amount of physical shape. I don't say this to discourage you, but to encourage you (getting in better shape is a GOOD thing and you should look forward to it). And being in better shape will help you excel at the sport, and that's a good thing.

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