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sorry bout going off my main topic n stating a east vs west thing but yea i live on my own i have no objections to asking for rides however if i am unable to post to ask (if they have blocked sections that offer it cause of being a new player ) i cant rely on my friend who plays cause his car of full with his buddies and their gear.

as for getting a car as i stated i live on my own make enough to live by monthly basis and enough to slowly save up (also playing bit of hockey so money also goes there), as for airsoft since i heard its been in north america 6months from when i first heard abut it 6 years ago from a video showing it in new zealand and england i been saving up slowly to play but got my rifle first, then the basic needed gears, now trying for the pistol. i wont get an aeg unless it the ones stated above down the road ill go gas based but not aeg im starting out yes but im going for my basic starting set which is my sniper role (weither its fun or not) and then branch out from there and cod isnt what made me interested in sniping :P blame "private daniel jackson" from saving private ryan xD saw it when it came out in theaters

now as for everyones advice i am not ignoring it not pushing it aside i take all advice into consideration i do see all you experience 2+ year guys saying "aeg is better in long run" but from the feel of ones ive held they just to heavy for my taste i rather have more lighter style then somethign weighted by a battery even if it a few kg still feels to heavy for me to run with
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