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Originally Posted by Razial View Post
sorry to be rude koka i do have a job a car nope u east coasters dont really get how expensive it is in general to live out in bc unless u live in bc cars are too expensive to even bother getting one with everything being raised here and before you all say airsofts more expensive its a mix of living in bc being expensive and anything fun to do is expensive ur all east coast players so far ive seen maybe 2 players actually be nice about it and not bash my choices and pay heed to the location i live in then think i live out east with most of you, i been looking around th e last 4months for what i need, not the last week thank you. i value all input however i do not like aegs as a simple matter of fact if i am going to ever get an aeg it will be the m82 or a dsr1 but those are more expensive then what im looking at to start with
Don't make this an East Coast / West Coast thing - that is entirely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Economy of living tends to scale in terms of overall earnings vs cost of living, wherever you might live. If it doesn't work for you, don't bitch about it, move. It's still a (semi)free country.

The point of numerous posters here is - if you don't have a car, and no 'ride' to get to an event to be AV'd, then how do you expect to get to games in general, whether it be with an AEG, or a springer sniper rifle, or a pistol? You aren't thinking that one through.

Perhaps you need to re-prioritize, and invest in a down payment in a car, and a sound plan for advancement in work/education in the future so you can afford a closet full of guns of your choice, AND a car!

Not 'sniping', after all this is the noob friendly forum, so take it as friendly advice - it seems like you would like to hear what you want to hear, rather than actually soliciting advice from those that know the facts/good advice.

In the end, it's your money to spend on whatever you want... elsewhere, without AV status.
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