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sorry to be rude koka i do have a job a car nope u east coasters dont really get how expensive it is in general to live out in bc unless u live in bc cars are too expensive to even bother getting one with everything being raised here and before you all say airsofts more expensive its a mix of living in bc being expensive and anything fun to do is expensive ur all east coast players so far ive seen maybe 2 players actually be nice about it and not bash my choices and pay heed to the location i live in then think i live out east with most of you, i been looking around th e last 4months for what i need, not the last week thank you. i value all input however i do not like aegs as a simple matter of fact if i am going to ever get an aeg it will be the m82 or a dsr1 but those are more expensive then what im looking at to start with
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