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Meh.. No beef with Hero's from me. I've ordered from them, and spoken with them on the phone and through emails. I was quite happy with the help I received and the quality of the experience as a whole. I will shop with them again. Everyone has their own opinion though, and that's fine. I don't doubt some people will have a bad shopping experience at any given store.

No matter how much time you spend on the internet, or any other given space, virtual or real; it will never change the meaning of "Nazi" to some. Perhaps yourself or your Kin's lives have not been touched the way other peoples have. Comprehending the pain an anguish associated with this loosely used term could be difficult. Or most likely it's more upsetting to see this word given to something as mundane as a tired shop keeper and it diminishes it's actual memory and meaning in history? I dunno, just a thought. No beef.
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