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well again all your posts are duely noted however i stated in a previous post ive held different aegs and found they just to clunky and heavy for me to snipe with, and noting most of the ones replying are out east(i have no problem with it) but i however judging from the rules set out in my province which i dont know if its same with other provinces i cant play till i get a cqc and not all pistols i have seen and looked around for have peaked my interest and ive seen alot of different brands from different retailers sellign in my province around canada some us and outside of north america and only the 7.1 dragon peaked my interest if it one with metal top.

and to get age verified its kinda hard to get out to the fields around me being i dont have a car to drive or have friends who can (onl cause their car is full with their gear and other players)
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