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newbie to airsoft

Good day.

last fall I played my very first paintball and had a blast and I thought it would be a good idea to be involved in a similar sport but instead of paintball, go into airsoft. so last december, on ebay, I bought an marui M4 RIS. I thought a got a pretty good deal until 2 days ago when I received the letter from CBSA.

long story short, I'm just gonna let them destroy the gun instead of going through the hoops and just let the experience serve as a valuable lesson for me. I didn't realize that getting into the sport and getting set involves complexities such as this.

I'm pretty experienced with guns and have owned a variety of them. I just wished I have taken the time to research more on the sport before doing the purchase.

anyway, hopefully by joining the forums, I'd gain valuable knowledge to better prepare me for it.
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