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He's referring to this page:

3 reviews from random strangers on the internet, in a market context where kids buy airsoft gear and have no idea what's good or what's shit. Not exactly a vote of confidence in my book.

I'm also puzzled by the choice of retailer, any reason in particular you want to go with this one?

Anyway, numbers time!

In your quest to cheap out you forgot to figure in conversion, import duty and the fact that not only do most free shipping promotions exclude BBs, but from a US retailer they only apply to US orders.

Just so everyone is on the same page:
Column 1 is BB Bastards at the local rate
Column 2 is from
Column 3 is from
Column 4 is the same, with values halved to better compare 4000 v 2000

So basically, you're saving a tenth of a cent per shot for your target figure. And you're getting unknown BBs.

Just buy Bastards.

EDIT: Oh, and /thread.
Annoyingly good with numbers

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