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Originally Posted by jflecool2 View Post
After a year of airsoft i know if it's or not a hobby for me. But thank for the "advice".
I have few hi-cap mag and I usually fire a lot of bb. 25$ per bag, with time it begin to be a little annoying. In addition of the mass of gear i bought recently. Cut the price in half and you have these bb.
I'll have some Javelin .36g in a speedloader for the moment i need a lot precision, but for normal gameplay, i dont need a lot because i shot a lot. You're allowed to juge.

All i wanted to know is do YOU TRIED one of those or any other cybergun bbs. Even if the word Cybergun sound bad ^^

You aren't going to get useful answers from Canadian players on US-sourced BBs. For better or worse we've mostly settled on Bastards, which are relatively competitive price wise and happen to be totally kickass. My biggest complaint is they don't come in bulk discount formats or the plastic bottle formats that seem to be becoming popular down south. Those are really minor complaints.
"Mah check"

Now you know

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