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The other guys already touched on the details about where to buy and how to gain access.

What I'll touch on is what a bad idea that particular pistol is. From the photos on the net it appears to be some sort of cross breed IPSC pistol with a meat tenderizer on the front.

What kind of holster are you going to put that in?

As a sniper I'd think something more compact like at Glock 19 would stand a much better chance of not falling out of the holster, clonking into something so folks hear where you are, ejecting it's magazine while in the holster (I've seen players with Hi Capas in soft holsters do that so many times it is funny) and so on. If you aren't a Glock fan there are other less elaborate but compact and reliable pistols to use as a backup.

As for WE, I've had a few. A Hi Capa I dumped since I didn't like the plastic grip and a 1911 that I got to see if I could acquire a taste for the single stack Colt. It works fine, it's the Socom Gear version so it may have had extra care in it's build vs. a regular WE.
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