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Originally Posted by SuperCriollo View Post
Looks like cybergun' dirty buisness policies have not changed a bit. What happened with the cybergun boycot?
Cybergun spent allot of money to secure licensing from specific manufacturers for marketing purposes and to avoid litigation (FN is just one example). Regardless of any practices, they have every right to defend those licensing agreements.

Originally Posted by Shatter View Post
I thought Cybergun was French?
Cybergun group is based out of France but have offices (via acquisition) all over the world.

Not nonly was JAG/Echo1 making replicas with no manufacturing licensing, they were marketing them at the show as licensed.

Scarecrow and I were at the Cybergun booth when a fellow walked up, handed off a badge and passed JAG brochures to the Palco guys lawyer. Hilarity obviously ensued.

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