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Originally Posted by Kimbo View Post
This is constantly the problem with Milsim. Some players will say that they are good to go regardless of what happens, but bail at the slightest inconvenience. It makes it very hard for organizers to keep the game going and balanced when half of the other team basically stops playing.

Honestly it's really not hard to play for 24hours. Lots of people who finish their first one say that they thought it was going to be alot harder. Just come out with a good attitude, prepare as best you can, and try to be an asset to your team as best as you can.
Originally Posted by Cortex View Post
I like to place myself into a situation where it's actually more convenient to stay in the field. As in, take everything you need with you. That way it's either stay out there or make the (likely) long trip home.

That's a good way to get into the correct mindset as well. Take wimping out away from your available options. Or take enough shit so that wimping out in the field is bearable.
These are two of the best summary posts in the thread.

The only thing that I'd add is that with milsims everyone (from host to player) is counting on everyone else to pull their weight and be participating for the complete duration of the event.

Re. Noob7_0's kit list....good list, just some minor points
* batteries...with any AEG, try to set it up with the largest cell (i.e. SubC vs. 2/3A), largest capacity you can. You'll have to balance weight/fit/etc... Lots of guys went to LiPo's for that reason. Small batteries was written down in the FAQ before 2006 and it's still true now. Shame so many stocks now are setup only for the small sticks.

* you will definitely want a cleaning rod/unjamming rod somewhere in your group. The AEG ones are actually pretty bendy and fit into a large pack pretty good (does away with hauling a gun case around when you deploy). Don't need 80 of them out on the field...but it sucks balls when there's 0.

* forget grenades for wood games...unless there's bunkers/structures. You'll just lose them. Hard enough to find in dark buildings after a running firefight.

* clothing...add fresh, clean, dry, comfy clothing head to toe for post game. Add diaper wipes too...they'll clean anything off of anything.

* compass...mandatory. Pen/pencil and paper...mandatory. Also include a couple of those binder insert clear plastic sheet holders...for maps/codes/instructions/etc... Jamming paper into your pocket or down your rig will just result in a bunch of ripped up nonlegible pulp.

* forget the battery charger...if there's ever any power at a milsim, there's already chargers there. But best to not count on charging anything.

* don't forget whatever meds/etc...that you may need. Allergy med, contact lense solution/spare lenses, etc... You will want Advil...

Re. Extra stuff....
At Rhino our group of 14 took (roughly) 4 cases of water bottles, 2 large camp sized water coolers, 2x smaller camp water jugs, 2-3 other large jugs of water, 1 cooler full of ice. Plus misc gatorade/crystal packs/etc... We kept a reserve of 2 cases of water in the car for post game. In the middle of the night some of the guys made a run to get more water/ice...we were going to run out. It was 34deg C at 3am. We were passing out cold drinks to anyone who needed them and guys were using the ice to cool off.

Figure out what you need for hydration...then double it. If you reguarly strap on 30lbs and run around...then you'll have a good sense of what you need, weather adjusted. Otherwise...hedge your bets. The worst that happens is that you end up with some sore hands/shoulders from lugging it in.

Re gear...when you commit to a milsim you are committing to playing the part of that you've signed up for. DOES NOT mean that it has to be a fashion show where you must have the latest Magpul MultiCam Tactical Toothpick...but what you bring has to work.
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