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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Whoa there buddy... to put it mildly, this is extremely harsh and does not jive with my experience.
It jives with many other people's experience.

At no point did I perceive them to be "Nazis" (you know what that term means to some of us right?).
You need to grow a backbone and spend some more time on the Internet.

You need to be careful when going overboard in accusing retailers of being criminals or nazis (or using slurs like "asspirate"), especially when many of us are regular customers and look to foster good relationships between our local vendors and the airsoft community in hopes of being treated well and having the things we buy available in greater supply.
Do a search for Heros on ASC and have a read.

I don't give a shit if he has the best airsoft gun selection in Canada. I will never, ever set foot in that store again. Ever.

You also need to be specific when making such accusations, so that people can weigh your evidence against that of other people like myself and the rest of my crew, who have had great experiences with them.
See above line about doing an ASC search.

Heroes is a well known pirate who screws customers every chance he gets. Maybe he's cleaning up his business practices after the cops raided his store for the 10th time... I don't care. I still won't go there.

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