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This is my noobs Milsim Kit list any comments?

Weapon Kit
- Your weapon
- Batteries – 1000MaH per 3 hours (is a good guide line pending play style?)
- Appropriate amount (you don’t need to carry 10 mid caps with you only can carry 100rnds in the field right) and type (low/mid etc) mags for the game (ie real caps/mids).
- Small tool kit and spare parts
- Cleaning kit?
- Speed loader
- Ammo
- Grenades
- sling

- Combats
- Extra t-shirt
- Extra gitch
- 3 pairs wool or equal socks
- Boots
- Shell pending weather
- Rain gear pending weather
- Warm clothing pending weather

- Load carrying gear (chest rig, PC, CIRAS etc)
- Hydration carrier
- Ruck sack
- Goggles
- Gloves
- Knee/elbow pads
- Flash light and batteries
- Watch
- Compass?
- Small note pad and pens?
- First aid kit
- Radio and spare batteries
- Multi tool

Food & Water
- 1L per hour/2 hour of play for warm weather, scale as needed, better to have to much then too little when you can dump it at camp.
- 100 calories per hour in food (power gels or equal are great as they have calories, caffine and other goodies your bodies need) with one “real” meal be it a can of ravioli or a sandwich (this comes from years of consuming power gels without real food in your belly)
- Camp food to remain with your dumped kit

Misc Gear
- Sun screen
- Battery charger
- Shelter
- Bug spray?
- Duct tape
- Electrical tape
- Spare weapon

How is “sniffle” gear perceived by the community? Are people going to look down upon to for showing up at camp with an extra set of clothes and 30L of water for a 24hr game?

How about civilian gear? Currently I am playing with a cheap chest rig that has so far done me well. For longer games I was going to bring a civie hydro pack and cam it up with a green t shirt. Is this practice allowed or does one have to attend the game in authentic/repo gear only?
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