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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
Ya, thats why I put a clause in the games we put up too. In case of say.....

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But I thought milsim is rain or shine. No?
I don't mean to sound hostile at all, but please don't bring the problems of your other thread into this one.

The milsims that I've been to with rain or shine have been ones with months worth of preparation, we're talking 6+ months notice. Game is a go regardless of weather, save for an act of god. Too much planning goes into it for a last minute cancellation due to a bit of rain.

I've played a game in -30 weather, luckily no windchill. I believe it was the recorded coldest winter day in 2009. Game was fun, the little bits that we had, a few friends came under prepared and safety was the first factor. Once we got them warmed up even more and shared some supplies (extra gloves, layers etc) we continued playing. Became more of who's better at fieldcraft rather than aim due to the guns getting a total range of 20 ft.

Some people will play through weather, some people will wait it out. The veteran hosts for milsims know that they need to compensate for it, so they have back up plans in terms of gameplay when 50% of the player base has to sleep/get warm/cool off frustrations.

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