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I find this discussion of all weather fascinating. I am putting on games but have a clause in there "depending on weather". Only for the winter.

It appears there are some here who claim they will play in ANY weather and the game will be going on regardless.

I wonder how this is possible if the game happens to fall on a day of -23 and a 40km wind which brings on a wind chill of -34, but apparantly in "true" milsim games this is irrelavant and when you sign up you are in.

I tend to look at the winter games differently as, well, if you are not prepared for the elements you could get severe frost bite, be on the hook for someone becoming exposed to the elements etc. Heck, in the one game we are putting on we had to walk a running river that goes in all winter and figure out the points where people cannot aproach. Obviously milsim, and the real deal would be "go ahead-fall in", hope you have dry clothes.

I agree with the spring summer and fall games, but winter? I guess there are some who are more hard core than others and I suppose power to them.

I just think when it comes to a place that has certain levels to the insurance of implied common sense, the waiver needs to be pretty robust to insure you are not promoting an potentially hazzaradous situation.

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