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Originally Posted by Cs View Post
How do players make the transition from "Fair Weather" to " Seasoned"?

Is it just commitment coupled with decent gear or is it all mental?

With reference to Shelled and Brian, if you show interest in the muddy stuff a good group will jump on the opportunity to encourage that interest.
Get in contact with some guys who do the 'all weather' milsim thing and see if you can tag along at a mixed interest-level event (like a big game) and see if you can keep up. They won't expect you to be %110 super awesome, but they'll be looking to see if you have any guts, and if your personality clicks.
A good attitude to have is one that is humble, but confident.

If you have those two down, they will likely be interested in hanging onto you, as long as you show an interest in listening, observing, and improving.
#1 way to show that you're committed is by improving your fitness level on your own time.

That's my top priority right now, because I definitely know what kind of game I like the most.
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