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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I can't speak for the Airsoft Central ones, but Bastards do have 1 advantage that's often not considered when choosing a BB. Unlike the majority of other BBs that will shatter into small pieces when impacting a hard object (like mesh goggles), Bastards will stay in 1 piece and just deform instead.
Super sorry to be the bearer of a revision to your world view , but I actually shatter hundreds of BB Bastards every week as I work on AEGs in my work room. I use them exclusively to test feeding at the chrono. I could probably do some tests and get you some solid data on this if a lot of people were interested, but in general some "large proportion" of them shatter.. I would ball park estimate at least half if not more. In many cases the little shards come flying out of my BB catch as the BBs hit other BBs already lodged in the catch, which is filled with packing foam, towels, and memory foam.

Bottom line: BB Bastard BBs shatter like nobody's business, but in my opinion they are still the best BBs to use for purposes of testing AEGs, especially when you want to remove the BB as a factor. I give Bastards my highest vote at the moment.
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