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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Hero's is run by a nazi asspirate who's business practices go between "slimy" and "borderline criminal". I went in there ONCE, and all the dudes working there were arrogant douchecocks out to screw the customer.
Whoa there buddy... to put it mildly, this is extremely harsh and does not jive with my experience.

Myself and several members of my team have been down to Hero about a dozen times in the last six months and I have ordered from them online twice. If there is a surplus/tactical gear store with a better selection in the GTA with a staff that isn't batshit crazy, then please kindly inform me of it.

I have dealt with 3 employees from Hero. The main guy with the longer hair, the thin guy with the blonde hair, and the older guy that works the desk. They were all absolutely fine and unlike the employees at 3 of Toronto's downtown surplus stores, they didn't cling to me. At no point did I perceive them to be "Nazis" (you know what that term means to some of us right?). They answered questions about stock and variations of sizes when I asked. They didn't push anything on me at any time. About a week ago I went in the blonde guy checked if something was in stock for me and was super helpful when we needed to test the fitment on a plate carrier. The main guy with the longer hair made some "remarks" about Toronto Airsoft and how they're eating into his airsoft gun trade, but a little trash talking between retailers is fine as long as it doesn't cross the line.

I've tried all the little surplus stores downtown, which don't really have much of interest and have employees that act, for lack of a better description, insane at times (AAA, Central, and the little place on Church and Jarvis fit this description. They're okay if you are in-and-out of there in 5 minutes though). I've tried Beavers Army Surplus up on dufferin. Those guys are a class act and super friendly, have some Propper and Condor stuff (which I buy), but overall have a very very small selection compared to Hero. So Hero it is... especially if you want to load up on Condor stuff and the like. Their airsoft selection is growing quickly, I've noticed more and more glass cases dedicated to it with each visit.

I'd try Army Issue in Port Credit but the website seems sparse/incomplete and they didn't answer my PMs when I've asked about stock, so I haven't got around to visiting them yet. It's clear from the forum that the main guy from Army Issue is a super-helpful / nice / community-oriented guy though, so it's only a matter of time until I become his customer

You need to be careful when going overboard in accusing retailers of being criminals or nazis (or using slurs like "asspirate"), especially when many of us are regular customers and look to foster good relationships between our local vendors and the airsoft community in hopes of being treated well and having the things we buy available in greater supply.

You also need to be specific when making such accusations, so that people can weigh your evidence against that of other people like myself and the rest of my crew, who have had great experiences with them.
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