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Originally Posted by Grimreaper 295 View Post
I can say I'm not a sheep-le!
Well, I hardly consider people using Bastards being sheeple. Many of us started using them because we tried a wide assortment of other brands for a significant amount of time with mixed results. I know I tried lots before I even discovered Bastards.

Once I tried Bastards, I found reliability, consistency and all of a sudden no more feed issues with any of my guns or mags. To me, that made Bastards the winner.

I can't speak for the Airsoft Central ones, but Bastards do have 1 advantage that's often not considered when choosing a BB. Unlike the majority of other BBs that will shatter into small pieces when impacting a hard object (like mesh goggles), Bastards will stay in 1 piece and just deform instead.
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