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Originally Posted by theshaneler View Post
this is why you should not listen to people who have been here for less than a year and are not AVed.

1) he asked what should he get. people said none, he is not AVed. not very helpful, but accurate.

2) KJW has shit mags, and depending on the model, a high lemon rate.
I know guys who have been running WE pistols for years! they aren't the greatest, but with proper maintenance, can be good work horses.

KWA/KSC has one of the best gas systems around, but the mags are quite pricey. for nice high quality pistols stick with TM or KWA/KSC
ok sorry but from what i have read on reviews kjw's are great pistols but if that is not true could you provide a link to a good source so i can see this for myself i would like to learn more about pistols myself.

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