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Originally Posted by Doctorpepper Airsoft NB View Post
Thanks its getting tireing everything i ask i get a stupied remark of "ur not old enough" when none of u guys know me and if theyed read my discreaption they would see my birthday and my age. So please look befor speaking or in this case Commenting.

And to get back to the thread, Yeah the FMG is a beauty and ive been wanting one for awhile i just wanted to know if its worth buying eventually
don't mean to be mean but you just went to far, claiming your of age and not being AV'ed will make people hate you. second i just want to improve your terminology the gun is called the fpg not the fmg but with COD i can see how you got mistaken (happens to me all the time). last it is worth the buy eventually, but i hear its just a kit you pop on to your gun if you buy it new and you have to buy the gun on its own. for now just get the gun and later on when you got feel for the gun and how it works then buy the kit.

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