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Originally Posted by Cs View Post
I have to say that all of this is very stellar advice. I never gave much thought to how the game will continue on even if its raining or windy and cold and how it would really effect me. I have to remember that these games go whether its rain or shine.
The game goes on.. the question is .. do you?

Committed milsim players are all weather fighters.. kitted and ready and capable to do it.

many players are what I call "fair weather fighters"

these players .. wont play.. or quit early if.. it's too cold, it's too hot, it's raining, It's windy, there are bugs, they get muddy, the hills are too steep, it's too long a walk to the spawn point, there are ammo limits, it's dark, people are playing with night vision equipment and they don't have it, Or any other reason that gets them out of the field and back behind their computer where they are comfortable.
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