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Originally Posted by takatsu View Post
lol okay, fair enough, for those who don't read, or are underaged! then, what can we say. I just was getting the feeling that it's for any starting out.

Well, cheers, and looking forward to getting into the combat zone and some holes put in me >
Regardless of what community one tries to enter.. at first you will be an outsider, you will lack the knowledge and language to be welcomed.

Breaking into the community IS daunting.. you will feel like everyone on the inside is trying to keep you out.

The mistake is to try to make your entry here on a forum.. this place is NOT the airsoft community.. this is simply a clearing house for information and communication.

The community exists at games and events .. that is where you will be welcomed as a new player, where people will help you and break their backs to see you get a good start. It is also where you can prove your interest , and commitment.

You can type a thousand words on a forum.. it means nothing.. you're still just some NOOB who says he wants to get involved.

Show up at a few games.. and meet some people in person and you will be "in" practically instantly.
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