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Originally Posted by B@K3R View Post
Now everyone is basicly talking about moordernday gear...what about someone like myself that is gearded towards the WW2 aspect but would like to take part in say Rhino?

Beside getting a radio everything else would work out?

How many people use MREs, and do alot of people take in the Chef?
Milsims...are simulations. As such, you have an obligation to play the part that you've signed up for.

If you're a should not be kitted out as an SS commando
If you're a modern day infantry grunt...then kitting out as a civilian contractor is probably not helping (although there may be a contractor component...see command and team structures)
If you're a WW2 Airborne...kitting out as a COD/MW3 future fighter is not cool

If you can't kit out for the role...then either sort yourself out...or find an role where you can fit in.

It's not really about the game/OP accomodating the needs/particulars of any one person...the baseline expectation is that each person is fitting themselves into their role/task/etc... of the OP.

There is typically a partisan/civilian/insurgent component to many games...gear/kit requirements may be specific, but generally low cost/fuss and easily accessible.

Rhino is/was a milsim set in current times.

There are specific WW2 milsims.

Injecting one into another is a spoiler and not generally appreciated by anyone.
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