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It's not that we don't like newbies. I actually rather enjoy teaming up with new players at games. They're usually quite motivated with a good attitude. But those newbies also tend to ask informed questions.

You can really tell when someone takes some time to research by the question they asked. Someone who's informed will be able to ask the type of question that will lead to the answer they require. Even if it does seem like a more basic question, which honestly most of us don't mind answering. For example, someone asking "Hey guys this part is broken, I think it's the tappet plate. This is a V2 mechbox right? How do I fix it?" vs. "hey guys my gun won't shoot I don't know what type of mechbox it has halp!!11!!!11"

Big, big difference. And the only thing that's really different effort wise is 20 minutes on Google.

For example, a search of "TM M16 cycles but won't shoot BBs" and 20 minutes of reading will inform you of 3 things: The M16 has a V2 mechbox, the problem is nozzle/tappet plate/hop-up, or your mags aren't feeding properly. Another 10 minutes will tell you how to diagnose those. Then you can come here and say "Hey guys, my M16 won't shoot. It cycles and I've eliminated the following _____. I think this is the problem ____. Advice?"

I don't know a single person on ASC who'd give that question a snarky, sarcastic, or douchebag answer. If the problem is more specific or "special", then we start troubleshooting and everyone involved might learn something. THAT is the way a forum should be used.

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