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Originally Posted by takatsu View Post
However, I must say sometimes it's been quite discouraging personally to be reading all these threads (not specifically saying this one) on airsoft canada. To me, recommending more expensive (rather, reasonably priced) products isn't an issue. But I'd like to be honest and express that I'm not feeling very comfortable because of the harsher attitudes/tones that most experienced players have. Sometimes those starting out may feel intimidated because of that, rather than the recommendation of expensive equipment. To me, that is more "elitism", where it feels like it is an elite society that we cannot get into because we are shot down - no pun intended - whatever we say or do. I'm sure that comes from having to deal with ignorant noobs all the time but still.
T7 summed it up on one of his posts early in this thread.

The vast majority of new posters on ASC come here with some preconceived notion of what airsoft is, how much it should cost, etc. etc. Most of the answers these newbs get is a blunt -not necessarily impolite- "No. This is the way it is: ____". The newb then proceeds to go off on the kind of rant that inspired my OP.

If you want to see how bad it was getting, go review some posts from 2007-2008, or earlier. I can recall one post specifically where a new member was asking where they could get an M14 for $200. Despite being consistently told that no such thing existed (an M14 in 08 was running around $600+), said member and some other newbies who came out of the woodwork proceeded to call us elitist assholes because we wouldn't recommend to them a cheap M14 (which didn't exist). A lot of older members have gone through this over and over and over and over. Heck, I've only been here 5 years and I remember this stuff, how do you think guys who have been at this for 10+ feel? Could we just ignore the thread? Sure, but honestly if someone takes the time to write a decent question, I don't really have an issue taking some time to answer it. It's not my fault they get hissy when they get an answer they don't like.

Likewise, I remember another post where a newbie was arguing that they had the right to come out to a game in a t-shirt without bothering to wear BDUs because they didn't have the money to drop on them. They were arguing that we should be lowering our standards to allow them into games because they couldn't afford the kit. People like that have absolutely zero concept that they're playing a team game, and frankly, we don't want people like that in the game. So yea, they will get a rather hostile reception.

There's a nice little saying I like: My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who YOU are.

There are a lot of examples of new guys coming and asking good questions and getting good answers. Where they run into issues is failing to realize the ASC community is very intolerant of laziness, immaturity, and stupidity. A few days spent browsing and searching the forum would tell them this.

There's also another thing I should point out: ASC isn't airsoft in Canada. It's the ASC forum community, nothing more, nothing less. Our #1 advice to people has ALWAYS been to go to a game and meet people face to face. Again, for some reasons, a lot of newbies don't seem to like that answer. And again, too bad, not our problem.

But hey, would it be possible to create a more welcoming atmosphere on ASC and just ignore the ignorant noobs (or just post a link to a thread with an answer) who don't read shit. (I mean i've read posts where information was repeated a billion times to different people)
Newbs don't read. Simple as that. There are TONS of threads where people post links to answers.

I'm in no position to say this (since i just joined the site) but just getting my opinion out there as a newb and the atmosphere I feel.
Stick around for a couple of months and you'll be fine.

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