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lol no worries. Just putting out that notion out there. I'm not saying everyone is like that. I'm just talking in general, even on online communities - of course we've all been in other online forums for many years - there are just nicer ways of saying things when we're not the ones being personally insulted and I'm certain most of us are actually super cool in real life and on field. When a committed newbie comes in, although it may not turn us away from airsoft (if it does then that's our loss right) but it makes ASC seem unwelcoming, when in reality it isn't. I've seen really funny and epic posts here, so why misrepresent the community to someone looking to start out? I don't think it's an elitist community. As with any hobby with passionate people, don't we want to encourage and educate newcomers. Everybody even ignorant noobs will respond better with positive culture
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