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Well, it's been a while since the last reply in this thread, so sorry for bumping it! Thanks for the read, although, I've completely agreed and known about these issues between starters/newbie and experienced/serious airsoft players.

I am a complete newb (although I've been fooling around with a crappy $50 Umarex HK USP NBB CO2 pistol) and am looking to get into airsoft seriously, and therefore as any person with common sense would, I have done months of research, reading almost every possible post on here.

I know the rules, I know the gear needed, I know what events require what, I know which brands are better, which are worse. I have a full time job and am willing to spend some dough. Although I can't see the classifieds as I'm still awaiting replies from age verifiers or looking for space in my schedule to join an event and get AV'd.

However, I must say sometimes it's been quite discouraging personally to be reading all these threads (not specifically saying this one) on airsoft canada. To me, recommending more expensive (rather, reasonably priced) products isn't an issue. But I'd like to be honest and express that I'm not feeling very comfortable because of the harsher attitudes/tones that most experienced players have. Sometimes those starting out may feel intimidated because of that, rather than the recommendation of expensive equipment. To me, that is more "elitism", where it feels like it is an elite society that we cannot get into because we are shot down - no pun intended - whatever we say or do. I'm sure that comes from having to deal with ignorant noobs all the time but still.

Not that I have ever experienced that personally, but I wince reading posts on asc alot of times. However, that doesn't change my determination or seriousness in getting into it, getting to know all of you and joining events and making new friends and comrades. I've seen so many videos online with footage from games and off the field. I talk to some serious airsofters. People are awesome out there in real life.

But hey, would it be possible to create a more welcoming atmosphere on ASC and just ignore the ignorant noobs (or just post a link to a thread with an answer) who don't read shit. (I mean i've read posts where information was repeated a billion times to different people)

I'm in no position to say this (since i just joined the site) but just getting my opinion out there as a newb and the atmosphere I feel.

Anyway, but one day I'll probably become one of those more experienced players haha!
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