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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
Thanks I will post one more thing as I value many of the people input. The next post is a final follow up post I put up. Keep in mind this game was a capped game. I then opened it back up as it blew through 50 people and the below post says its being capped again. I think with the below information postes a SECOND time, there is not any misundertanding on my end.

From the day I posted 'in' to the day I posted 'out', you posted nine times in the game thread, in the span of seven days. Am I to hang on every word you write? I fully admit to glazing over your original write-up, that falls on me, but I guess I didn't expect to find a two date commitment, a kidney and my firstborn in the mix.

If by your definition, I'm a flaker and unwelcome, so be it. It might have been an issue when I played 20-30 games a year, but those days are done. I've been to SOF before in the summer, it was alright, I thought a winter game would be interesting, but I'll somehow learn to carry on.

In retrospect you did clearly state the two date concept, there's no doubt about that, and I said that part is on me. Yet, that doesn't change the fact that it is unreasonable and ridiculous as I said before.

Oh well, in the end it all turned out. I freed up the weekend of the 11th to spend with my wife at a B&B for Valetines Day celebrations, and I'm heading to a WW2 Milsim with a veteran host and all around good guy, Leecas. Life is grand.

Anyway, no use going around in circles, Auf Wiedersehen

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