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Ok guys,

Tomorrow at noon this game will be closed. The list of players who signed "in" will be counted as playing.

There will not be ANY additional players admitted.I closed this last time and hit 50 players. Then opened it back up as many of the core guys wanted MORE people. But times up. We need to start planning.

As a side note, there will be a "role call" performed come came day.This will be cross referenced back to this list. Any players who do not show for reasons other than outside what is general courtesy, will be reviewed next game to be let in.

Bottom line is teams are about to be formed and posted based on this list.

Also, as a reminder, this is weather dependant. So if the weather co-operates which includes temperature and wind, the first game will be a "go". A few weeks later there will be a second game. Also weather dependant.

So this may wind up being a 2 game back to back with the people on the list.

Please understand there will not be anyone let into the second game. You are very likely going to see video, posts, etc of an awesome game and I dont want to have the "hey, that looks awesome, can I come now" PM.

Tomorrow at high noon..... mark my word. Not one minute pasts.

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