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i don't think your question got avoided really. for the most part, people have talked about what it means when you say IN, and the different kinds of backing out.

saying IN and just no showing up is pretty much a unanimous "bad" thing
saying IN and backing out weeks before to do whatever else, is acceptable. (i think for the most part we can agree)

people may have read and fully agreed to your game rules. but once something better comes along, they want to back out. noting wrong with that, this isn't a bank loan, there is no contract in any sense. It is up to the game host to offer a package that will have people wanting to come no matter what else pops up.

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One date, 2 dates, 10 dates.... read the posting and if you dont want to go, cant go, dont know....dont post "in" in the first place.
that's a great theory IF we had perfect information.
maybe when you posted this, nothing else was scheduled, so it seemed like the best option so they said, yes i will come. What they didn't know is that another OP was being planned on one of the dates, which they would be more interested in. we can only make decisions based on the facts in front of us, and our decisions may not reflect what is truly in our best interests if we do not have all the information needed.
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Look at all the fucks no one gives Miles, look at them. There is a lot of fucks not being given.

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