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All interesting, and its funny how the main question I asked got avoided by a few and other got the message.

I asked very simply what each person values as marking "in" for a game posting. Which means accepting ALL the terms of the game:

Dates, conditions, FPS, guns. When the person puts the "in" -to me they say they agree.

I guess at the end of the day, some look at these games, dont read it, look at the details and post "in".

But my gut feeling, is the 80+ people who posted "in" on this game we are puting on... they are more than fully aware of what the game says, and are currently preparing for both these days for this game.


And that is the bottom line.

One date, 2 dates, 10 dates.... read the posting and if you dont want to go, cant go, dont know....dont post "in" in the first place.

But I guess that is why poeple dont like posting "tent" eh....
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