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From a game organizer standpoint I take two different views of "In" and it all depends on the game day/type of game being run on the day.

For skirmishe days if you post "In" and don't show up. Sure whatever, we were just having an easy/fun day no big deal.

For Milsim/Fully planned day: If you post "In" and don't show up that puts a black mark in the book. Usually because this game required output from the admin in time/effort to plan organize and sometimes involved monetary output for props/field items.

However to combat that here locally for any sort of big game we require you to be fully pre-paid a week in advance with signups being cut off a few days before.
Yes some people think it's inconvenient but when we plan a 17 hour milsim involving rental of a large number of military vehicles we need to know both the numbers attending and the expected cash input in order to plan properly.

We understand that yes Airsoft is a hobby and lots of people have other obligations (family, etc) so we do our best to cater to all. I think other organizers need to understand this and adjust there system if it's a major issue for them.
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