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An important philosophical point to consider:
I prefer to think of the hobby as being called milsim, that is to simulate military operations.
The airsoft gun is just another tool, with no more or less attention given than to say your plate carrier or boots.
Carrying on that train of thought, the emphasis of milsim isn't necessarily the firefight, it's on movement, effective comms, following orders, and yes even rest in place. Some of us have gone entire OPs without firing a shot, and enjoyed it just as thouroughly. This is in contrast to the skirmisher frame of mind that places the emphasis squarely on the gun, and accordingly on its use.
If you are willing to buy into this paradigm, then Milsim is most definitely for you.

Now back to watching Shot Show footage at work. Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Views are my own.

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