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I really appreciate all these posts guys. I am not a professional game poster by any means and anyone who knows me undertands I am not coming with than angle.

I will say it one more time. The reason why there were TWO dates posted was in case of bad weather. Anyone who has come to these games knows this is not if its "raining". It means if we are going to have a date when its -25 and 40KM winds.

I dont give a crap if anyone thinks this is ok to play in cause this is "mil sim". If this was not clear, WHICH IT WAS, there were 2 options's

1) dont sign up
2) PM me for deatails.

I am not going to appologize to the people who felt this was some how not clear cause they know this is bull sh@$.

The reason for the weather was to protect players who are new who might not be preparred to handle 4 hours in -25C

Thats the reasons, and now they are clear.

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