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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
A posting of "in"

is a contract with the venue owner/ Host

In exchange for the promise to attend and pay the game fee, the host agrees to provide the game services.

Posting "in" and then jamming out is exactly the same as "flaking" on a deal to purchase something.

"tentative" means nothing and should NEVER be posted ..

"IN" means you will be there, you have the money , you have a ride, and you are committed to attend.
true BUT, tentative is useful IMO to say, I have something to check before I confirm my presence (example: having your day off the job, your gun is at a gun doc and it should be ready but you are not sure. etc.)
I shows the host that if everything is alright then you will attend.

If you say IN, you are 110% sure you will attend unless a nuclear war begins (ie, you're gun doesent work or your kid is diying)
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