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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
Sorry, I dont buy this argment for a minute guys. The game you decided to go, which did not exist when posted in to the game I had clearly says the below. You undertood the game details and when the other game came up, you decided to back out:

Here are the details POSTED:

Battle of Evermore.

Here are the dates:

Feb 11 Feb 25th.

Reason for 2 dates is to have a back up in case the weather does not cooperate. However if both dates turn out ok, there may be TWO games.

You MUST be capable of being in for BOTH dates. Assume 3 days prior to the first date for firm up, and if that fails we go to the second.
Yeah, that's the part I glossed over, sue me. When I started this hobby 8 years ago, until your thread came along, I'd never seen a provision like this. And frankly, I think it's unreasonable and ridiculous. Even what you posted above still does not say there 'will' be a game, just maybe.

BTW, how are you going to react when the inevitable 10-15% flake/bail out rate hits your games? Winter games are notorious for flaking, whether it's snow or otherwise. Consider it a blessing you have 80+ signed up for your game. But once your 'banned' list supercedes your 'honourable' list, you'll be having 5 on 5 skirmishes(exaggerated to make a point).

The immutable laws of airsoft state that bailing will happen, no matter the host or venue, and that airsoft players are fickle and need new surroundings constantly. If you think you'll have 80-120 player games every two weeks at SOF because this game generated alot of interest, you'll be sorely disappointed. A winter game at SOF is a novelty, once interest is piqued, then satisfied, that's it. You'll get the regulars, but never the numbers.

There is still plenty of time before the 11th, go ahead and try to make your 80+ pre-register and/or pay a deposit......say good bye to your big game, and enjoy the much, much smaller game.

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